Different Types of Home

Home is important to all of us because it is our sanctuary and safe zone. It also protects us from the harsh conditions outside and it’s a huge part of our lives where we share most of our moments with our family and friends.

There are different kinds of home: bungalow, multi-story house, townhouse, and condo.You should choose the one you want to live in depending on several factors like the size of your family, budget, lifestyle, and personality.

  • Bungalow


For new couples, small family, people in their retirement age, or someone in the family who has adisability, this type of house is suitable. It is a one-story house or cottage; therefore, it contains the living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom on the same floor. However, there are also other types like having a basement for raised bungalows and to let in additional light or adding additional lofts and half levels to branch away from the original structure. This type of home is ideal because it is small, easy to maintain, cost-efficient, and allows changes and additions in the structure.

  • Multi-story house

multi story houseThis is perfect for a huge family that wants privacy. The building is made of two or more floors, where the common area like a living room, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom are all found on the first floor. In the second floor and above, you will find the bedroom, office, library, and other private spaces of the family. In addition, the family can choose to purchase a lot that has a front lawn and a backyard pool, which is a great place to do family bonding like a pool party, barbecue, or put a playground for the kids.

  • Condo Unit

condo unit

It is similar to the apartment you will have a neighbor right beside your unit and share parking garages and common areas. This doesn’t include a lot or obligation for the maintenance for the exterior. This type of home is usually found in cities where houses are more expensive. It is preferable for adults who live by themselves and work or still a student. They can easily go to work or school without getting late due to traffic jams.

  • Townhouse

town houseFor people who want better space but still not ready to invest in multi-story homes or even a bungalow, this is the best choice. It is a combination of a condo and a house, made of two stories so you don’t have any neighbors upstairs or downstairs. You will still have to share walls, roof, and outdoor spaces with other townhouses but sometimes you can have your own garage at the ground level.